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What can nanotech do for entrepreneurs and job creation?

Nanotechnology is not about making things small, but about making things new. And where there are new things, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs. Yes, the components of nanomaterials and nano-devices are very small, but miniaturization is not the main goal. What makes this technology powerful is its ability to radically change how materials behave and […]

Plenary Lecture at the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting

The Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Dr. Javier Garcia Martinez and member of the Bureau of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) will give the Plenary Lecture The Chemical Element: How Chemistry Is Key to Solving our Global Challenges  at the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting during the World Chemistry Congress in Busan, […]

Javier Garcia Martinez, Emerging Researcher Award by the American Chemical Society

The ACS Division of Energy and Fuels has announced that Dr. Javier Garcia Martinez, Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Lab is the 2015 ACS Emerging Researcher Award. This is the first time a scientist from Spain is recognized with this prestigious award which will be presented to him at the ACS National Meeting in Boston […]

A Perspective on Chemistry Education

One of the most important and strategic activities that IUPAC carries out is to promote the use of best practice and the most effective tools for chemistry education. That education includes public understanding and appreciation of the roles and achievements of chemistry, especially among the young. The Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE) is one of […]

Mesostructured Zeolites: Bridging the Gap Between Zeolites and MCM-41

Challenges for Zeolites Zeolites are aluminosilicate materials with crystalline framework structures. They are very versatile materials that are widely used by chemists both in the lab and in industry. However, their narrow micropores impose important diffusion limitations on large reactant and product molecules approaching or leaving the active sites. This leads to lowered conversion or […]

Javier García Martínez, King Jaime I Award on “New Technologies”

Researcher from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Nanotechnology at the University of Alicante (NANOMOL), Javier García Martínez will be handed out from Queen Sofia the Jaime I Award in New Technologies, Tuesday 25 November. The event that will take place at 12.30pm in the Market of Valencia, will […]