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Javier García Martínez, King Jaime I Award on “New Technologies”

Researcher from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Nanotechnology at the University of Alicante (NANOMOL), Javier García Martínez will be handed out from Queen Sofia the Jaime I Award in New Technologies, Tuesday 25 November. The event that will take place at 12.30pm in the Market of Valencia, will have a broad representation of the Valencian society, such as CEO responsible for the awards, Professor Santiago Grisolía, chairman of the Rey Jaime I Prizes Foundation; President of the Valencian government, Alberto Fabra; President of the Valencia Advanced Studies Foundation, Vicente Boluda; mayor of the city, Rita Barberá and UA President, Manuel Palomar.

García Martínez was awarded the 2014 Jaime I Prize in New Technologies 2014 on 3 June after the decision was public by a jury consisting of 80 people, including 19 Nobel Prizes. The awards granted by the Rey Jaime I Awards Foundation celebrate the 26th anniversary this year and awarded to five other professionals from different fields of knowledge. They are intended as a meeting point for scientific and business communities to promote the research and scientific development in Spain. The six €100,000 awards each, make them one of the best rewarded in the country.